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This article is contains information on the distinctive features of an elephant, its role in the ecosystem its behaviors.

Elephants role in the ecosystem

An elephant is the largest land mammal and the second most intelligent animal after the Dolphin. An elephant is a key stone species because of their impact on the environment. for example by clearing on grass

There are three elephants in the world and these include the African Forest elephant and the African Bush elephant. Elephants have distinctive features such like

a.The trunk

An elephants trunk is an extension of the upper lip and the the nose of an elephant. It is uses the trunk for feeding, smelling, drinking, communication and defense . An elephant trunk has an amazing 40,000 muscles.

b.Large ears.

An elephant has large ears which help to cool down the elephants body through fanning the body. The elephant cools down its body ears with blood vessels which help to cool down the whole body of the elephant. Aside from this an elephant covers its body with mud to reduce the heat from the sun rays and to reduce insect bites. the ears can help to scare away predators.

Migration seasons

Elephants migrate in the dry season from June to November. Elephants are matrilineal animals and it is female elephant that leads the herd to and fro using her incredible memory. The elephant is an incredible animal because it is able to remember the route she used to get to water. In herds of Elephants, the elephant is the female dominant. Elephants are undoubtedly the most magnificent creatures of the wild.

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