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Did you know that chimpanzees

Chimpanzees awaken at dawn, and their day is spent both in the trees  and on the ground.

After a lengthy midday rest, late afternoon is usually the most intensive feeding period.

In the trees, where most feeding takes place, chimps use their hands and feet to move about.

They also leap and swing by their arms skillfully from branch to branch.

Movement over any significant distance usually takes place on the ground. Though able to walk upright,

chimpanzees more often move about on all fours, leaning forward on the  of their hands (knuckle walking).

At night they usually sleep in the trees in nests they build of branches and leaves.

Chimpanzees are unable to swim, but they will wade in water

The chimpanzee diet is primarily vegetarian and consists of more than 300 different items,

mostly fruits berries , leaves , blossoms, and seeds but also bird eggs  and chicks, many insects, and occasionally carrion.

Chimpanzees also hunt, both alone and in groups, stalking and killing various mammals  such as monkeys dicker , bush buck and wild pigs.

They also appear to use certain plant medicinally to cure diseases and expel intestinal parasites

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