Air Ticketing

Air Ticketing


Airline ticketing professionals cater to the needs of the increasingly mobile population of the globe.

They are also entrusted with the responsibility of helping the customers in checking out their travel schedule.

They do so with the help of timetables, airline schedules, reference guides and tariff books.

Numerous travel agencies and Airlines companies across the world provide job openings to these professionals.

Successful completion of Airline Ticketing courses enables a person get into jobs which concern booking and confirming reservation for passengers on scheduled flights.

They are also entrusted with the responsibility of helping the customers in chalking out their travel schedule.

Air Ticketing Courses for Job Seekers and Self-Employed People

Air Ticketing is a course for which the minimum qualification is 2th standard only.

There are also a lot of career opportunities in this. This is because it is an important part of the Airline Business.

Importance of Air Ticketing Courses
Travel Industry plays an important role in the economy of any country. A great deal of the Nation’s income comes from the Travel Industry. In the development of any country, the travel industry plays an important part.

These days there has been a very big increase in the number of passengers who wish to travel by air and in future, the number of people who want to travel by air will increase.

Therefore anybody who wants to make a future in Airline Ticketing will benefit by it
Air Ticketing is not an easy job!
In this profession one has to deal with people who are from any part of the world and desiring to get to any other part of the world. So one has to be ready to serve people from all over the globe.

There may be people from Nations who want an air ticket to a Nation. And such people will come by across in hundreds and those who are doing the air ticketing have to search and arrange air tickets for all these passengers. Services have to be provided to domestic airline travelers as well as International airline travelers.

There are a number of airlines the world over. Those into airline ticketing have to be well conversed with whether there is a flight accommodation for a passenger from his place of departure to the place of arrival.

They have to look up International flight timing charts for this. Also if one passenger intends to travel up-to one country, halt there for two days and then go to another country, they have to look up flights which co-ordinate the timings of the passenger.

What is to be expected in this profession
In our country there are a number of institutions working as travel agencies. They deal with domestic and International travels.

These people need the help of Air ticketing Agencies. If one has an investment one can start his/her own airline ticketing profession.

To understand why ticketing is so important, it’s good to first understand what a ticket is. In very general terms, a flight ticket serves three main purposes: 

• Tickets entitle passengers to a seat on the flight – for travellers, a ticket is a confirmation that the seat has been paid for and that it’s theirs – no one else can take it. 

In this sense, it’s a travel document. For the airline, the ticket contains information about the booking like the PNR number, passenger details and information about the itinerary, fare and payment. 

Tickets create a contract between the passenger and the seller – whether its bought directly from an airline or through an agent, a ticket is what seals the contract and governs the conditions and responsibility for post-booking services like changes, cancellations or refunds.  

 Tickets establish responsibilities when multiple airlines are involved – some itineraries involve multiple airlines working under a code share or interlining agreement. In these cases, a ticket helps divide responsibilities between the validating carrier (the airline that sold the ticket) and the operating carrier (the airline operating the flight)

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