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about the leopards

leopards have a light coloured skin and have dark spot on their fur, these spots are called rosettes due to their shape of roses, there are black leopards whose spots are formed on their bodies and hard to see because their fur is so dark. they have a gestation period 90 – 105 days and a life span of 12 years in the wild as in zoos it is 21-23 years. Male leopards weigh 60 kg with a length of 1.3-1.9 meters and females weigh 35-40 kg with the length of 1.1-1.4 meters, leopards are carnivorous animals with strong jaws, sharp nails and high speed to hurt, they can also climb trees easily and ambush their prey such as monkeys, birds, fish and so on. leopards are solitary animals as they scratch trees, urine scent marks and poop to warn others to stay away and their hearing senses are highly developed as active at night when they venture out in search for food .

leopards mostly spend their days resting, camouflage in the trees or hiding in carves. they are stronger swimmers and very much at home in the water where they sometimes eat fish and crabs, they are the smallest of the large wild cats with a skeleton made up of 250 bones they protect themselves from other predators by hunting during different times of the day than other predators

leopards have fewer colour detecting cones in their eyes than humans and their eyes are blue and green and drag what they caught up into the branches to protect them from scavengers like lions, hyenas and so on. leopards differ from jaguars as jaguars are sturdier and stockier and the leopard tail is larger than that of the jaguar.

males are larger than females and usually met in wet season as the female release pheromones to seduce the males. females give birth to about 4 cubs and 6 cubs is a rare occasion cubs are born with closed eyes and walk by themselves after 2 weeks and start eating solid foods at a period of 8 weeks

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